”A home needs furniture and lamps that can withstand the wear and tear of life. Good objects are simple and of high quality. But they must also have something new functionally. Inventive furniture helps the smooth running of daily life.”

Interior architect and designer Tapio Anttila designs home furnishings, lighting and decorative products. Some of these products have been included in the Tapio Anttila Collection. When the same designer is behind the objects, all of the pieces in the collection have the same spirit. Furniture and lamps are easy to mix and match for an integrated interior design effect.

Anttila’s products have attracted interest from abroad and have been awarded numerous international design awards, such as the Good Design Award, Design Plus, the Interior Innovation Award, the Fennia Prize, the EcoDesign Award and the Green Good Design Award.


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  • TAC at London 100% Design Event!

    For the first time, Tapio Anttila Collection will be exhibited at London's 100% Design event from 18th to 21st September. The spectacular and atmospheric log stand is built together with Polar Life Haus. Please have a tour here.

    TAC at London 100% Design Event!

  • Tapio Anttila Collection in Habitare

    The celebration of the Kaj Franck Design Award continues in September at Habitare. Featuring new products from the Tapio Anttila Collection as well as the best pieces from Tapio Anttila's design career. Tapio Anttila's Kaj Franck Award exhibition in Habitare fair (Helsinki), stand 6h50.

    Tapio Anttila Collection in Habitare

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Tapio Anttila

I worked for about ten years as a designer in a furniture factory and I designed furniture for public spaces. The work was interesting and I learned a lot, but I wanted to focus on the design of household objects.

I felt that there was a lot of room for improvement in household objects. People were offered the same furniture year after year, even if the world and people’s needs changed. I left my job at the furniture factory and started my own design studio, where I have focused on home furnishings design since 2005.

When designing, I concentrate on the problem areas of interior decoration. I noticed, for example, that it is difficult to store bedding for guests in a small flat. That’s why I developed a sofa where the bedding is “hidden” in the sofa cushion. It saves closet space. It’s also easy to convert the sofa into a guest bed. It can be made into two separate guest beds by simply separating the parts. It is precisely these small insights that make people’s everyday lives easier.

Design is a long process. The journey from concept to completion takes at best more than half a year, but it usually takes much longer. Along the way, a countless number of small details have to be resolved, all of which affect the appearance of the object as well as the quality and ecological soundness. It is also important to me that the price of the objects I design make them accessible to the widest possible range of customers.

I like to spend time outdoors to counterbalance work. There are great terrains in my hometown area of Lahti. The local area offers unspoiled forests and stunning lake views. I don’t so much look for ideas for my work from nature, but rather it is a place where I can empty my head of unnecessary mental clutter and clarify my thoughts.

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